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Wwe Brawlin' Buddies Randy Orton Plush Figure

Wwe Brawlin Buddies Randy Orton Plush
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A Wwe Brawlin' Buddies brought to you by Mattel is a good super hero. I certainly liked that the product had the feature of collect all of your favorite wwe superstars. Barcode number 746775078126. The Wrestling Buddies doll dimensions are 15"H x 10"L x 4"W. It weighs somewhere around 1.1 lbs. To take advantage of the great deal I found, click on our store link below.

WWE Brawlin' Buddies Plush Figure Collection: Brawlin' Buddies are so big, they allow kids to compete against their favorite WWE Superstars. Kids can safely create action-packed storylines, competing against their favorite Superstars or unite to become the newest WWE Tag Team Champions. Every single figure features signature Superstar phrases recorded by the WWE Superstars themselves and delivers battling sounds that encourage continued play with kids. These 16"plush figures are soft adequate to squeeze but bold enough to throw down. Four popular Superstars including John Cena and Rey Mysterio will be introduced. Features include:Soft adequate to squeeze but bold enough to throw down16"figures function the Superstar's signature styleKids can produce action-packed storylines with their favorite WWE starsFigures say their signature phrase and deliver battling soundsCollect all of your favorite WWE SuperstarsRecommended Ages: 3-8 yearsProduct Dimensions: 10 x 4 x 15 inches

Are you tough enough to take on Randy Orton? Get Right inside the Middle of the Action View larger.

Boys love to play out brawling with their favorite Superstars, recreating each of the over-the-top action and grabbing the spotlight--just like the true guys! ") and tends to make"grunting"and impact sounds when struck, which adds for the authentic play. Randy Orton is really a single of a lot of most essential names in WWE, and now with this oversized figure, young fans can go head to head against him in the ultimate competitions. Boys can battle Randy Orton to develop to be a WWE Champion! Fun, Safe Roughhousing This big plush figure"speaks"catch phrases recorded by Randy Orton himself (example:"Are you ready for an RKO?

Knock the stuffing out of this guy? Awesome Ways to Play The Brawlin' Buddies are the only WWE figures that let you get in on the action! Flip him, toss him--he can keep coming back for more! The Brawlin' Buddies Randy Orton plush figure is created from safe, durable materials, so he's tough enough to take a beating, soft sufficient to squeeze, and bold enough to throw down. Not a chance!

Young WWE fans are ready to wrangle! Plus, boys will love generating action-packed stories about their exciting championship battles against the iconic, charismatic Superstar Then build 'em up and smack 'em down again! Boys can stage stunts with this Randy Orton figure and crash their toys while propelling the Brawlin' Buddies figure right into them.

To expand the off-the-hook play, collect each of the figures inside the Brawlin' Buddies assortment, which also consists of John Cena, Rey Mysterio, and Sheamus (each sold separately ). Then boys can form a tag team and stage the ultimate multi-Superstar competitors! What's in the Box

Trademark Information:WWE® Brawlin' Buddies™ John Cena® Rey Mysterio® Randy Orton® Sheamus™ Randy Orton Plush FigureAt a Glance:Figure talks with Randy Orton's real voiceFeatures over 10 sounds and phrasesSoft, plush construction is tough. on fun! Age/Weight Requirements:Three years and upAssembly Requirements:Three AG13 (LR44) button cell batteries (included) Brawl With Your Favorite WWE Superstars! Designed with the Superstar's signature ring attireHours of over-the-top action, creative play, and larger-than-life excitement for your WWE fan!


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